Our vision of DEMOCRATIZING ENTREPRENEURSHIP in India requires multidimensional approach and interventions, some led through digital channels and some steered on the ground. A glimpse of our footprints which will lead us to build this movement is as follows:


Swavalamban Summit is our bold attempt to foster dialogue, deliberations, discourses and deep-dive sessions with a singular goal of transforming micro-enterprise aspirants into empowered entrepreneurs. Every year, we bring together key Governmental Stakeholders (working in the space of livelihood development and promotion), grassroots NGOs, new-enterprise aspirants), SAARTHIs (the enablers who equip the aspirants with business planning), senior leaders and bankers of national banks, CSR leaders and other dignitaries with interest and history in livelihoods and entrepreneurship promotion. The summit explores convergence and bring together varied stakeholders to encourage action-oriented dialogue for boosting self-employment and rapid nano/micro-entrepreneurship in tier-2, 3, 4 and rural parts of India.


16 Aug 2020

Keynote Speech: Shri Nitin Gadkari

(Former Hon'ble Union Cabinet Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)


The Great Indian Entrepreneurship Story (#TGIES) is our growing community of passionate and compassionate entrepreneurs and aspiring and fledgling enterprise-runners and a forum for motivation, inspiration, ideation, learning and development. TGIES, as we call it, was created to bridge the barriers between those who have 'been there, done that' and those who are starting afresh or are in the scaling up phase and would like to leverage the experience and expertise of the community to seek innovation, excellence and rapid inception and scaling-up of micro-enterprises in every nook and corner of India. Through in-person and virtual interactions, unique digital content, webinars, huddles, mentorships and more, our vision is to build a community and a support network that really works and fuels the spirit of democratizing entrepreneurship. At scale!

TGIES SUMMIT 1 (27 June 2021, International MSMEs Day)


1. Venky Iyer- Goli Vadapav

2. Abhishek Banerjee- Tigonis

3. Apurv Misal- Phool

4. Ridhima Arora- Namhya Foods

Udyamita is on the lookout for a relatable mentor for every aspiring and fledgling entrepreneur who can enable and catalyze the latter's journeys. If you are up for it, sign up today and give back to the movement of democratizing entrepreneurship.